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Your Guide to Skin Care in Soho

Elizabeth Goldberg, MD, is Director of Urban Dermatology and a board-certified dermatologist practicing in the Soho district of New York City. All of Dr. Goldberg's patients have one thing in common -- they are exposed to the unique stresses of day to day life in a hurried, urban environment -- and it is often evident in their appearance. At Urban Dermatology, patients are provided with exceptional, caring, patient-focused skincare in a relaxed, yet highly professional setting. In this article series, Dr. Goldberg explains how she handles some common skin conditions and why Urban Dermatology is the right choice for patients in Soho.

The Role of Environmental Factors in Your Skin's Health

From the sun to your favorite foods, many things in your environment can adversely affect your skin's health. Learn how lifestyle changes can help improve certain skin conditions.

Genetics and Your Skin

Are you doomed to experience the same skin problems your parents did? Find out how genetics impacts skin health and what you can do to overcome your genes.

What's the Best Way to Treat Acne?

Acne can damage more than just your skin. Learn how to best manage this stubborn condition and keep acne away for good.

Why Choose Urban Dermatology for Your BOTOX Treatments?

Learn about Dr. Goldberg's unique approach to anti-aging treatments and why Urban Dermatology is the best choice for BOTOX in Soho.

Choosing a Dermatology Practice in Soho

See what you should look for in a dermatologist and the benefits of choosing Urban Dermatology.

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