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Fillers & Volumizers

Dermal fillers and volumizers are injectables that are used below the skin’s surface to help add volume and correct age-related volume loss. These injections are medical procedures that should be performed by an experienced injector such as Dr. Goldberg, whose years of experience administering injectables always achieve the natural results her patients desire. Dermal fillers act to gently restore plumping and lift to various areas of the face including the lips, jowls, cheeks, jaw, nose, and chin. Fillers and volumizers also help stimulate collagen, a natural matrix-bulking component of the skin, and create a natural appearance which diminishes naturally over time. In addition, they can be used to fill depression such as those caused by acne scarring. They vary in thickness or density, which influences how Dr Goldberg will adapt them into your treatment plan to lift, contour, or enhance particular features in the most natural way. The fillers Dr Goldberg uses all dissolve naturally over time and generally last between 6months and 2 years depending on which particular filler is chosen. Injections are then repeated at these intervals to maintain the benefits.
As part of her individualized treatment plan for each and every patient, Dr. Goldberg will sometimes utilize a cosmetic treatment combining both a dermal filler and volumizer in a single product to provide a wonderfully natural result that is both instant and long lasting.

What to Know

• Preparation is minimal. Avoid taking warfarin, aspirin or anti-inflammatory drugs, like NSAIDS one week prior to the procedure to reduce the risk of bruising. Consider stopping herbal supplements such as vitamin E, ginseng, fish oil tablets with anticoagulant effects for the same reason.

• Prior to your procedure, Dr. Goldberg will assess your skin, cleanse the target area with antiseptic and mark the injection site. A localized anesthetic may or may not be necessary, depending upon the target area, skin type and treatment prescribed.

• Typically, a single treatment session for a dermal filler or volumizer won’t take more than around 30 minutes.
There is minimal downtime required for recovery from dermal filler or volumizer injections. Bruising can occur so plan accordingly. Keeping exercise light and gentle for a day or two after the treatment will also help to minimize the risks of swelling or bruising.

• It is a good idea to go without makeup for 24 hours on the area targeted for the treatment.

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