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TheraClear™ Acne System works for patients with mild to moderate comedonal, cystic, nodulocystic, and inflammatory acne. The process works by using light therapy in combination with a vacuum to unblock pores, reduce skin redness, and destroy bacteria. More specifically, the blue light IPL treats acne bacteria while targeting the sebaceous gland, suppressing excess production of sebum. The suction of the TheraClear™ vacuum extracts the trapped sebum and removes debris. Patients report clearer skin, pore reduction, and smaller acne lesions over time. TheraClear™ is used alone or in conjunction with existing acne therapies as part of your dermatology treatment plan.

What to Know

A TheraClear™ session usually lasts approximately 10 minutes and requires no topical anesthetics or pretreatment gels. Patients require no downtime and can resume their day without interruption. A recommendation of six to eight treatments spaced seven to ten days apart is standard.

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